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We conduct our services with a very highly regarded implantologist, Dr. Jorge AlonsoGuerra Carrasco DDS.

Prior to confirmation and payment, you will have the opportunity to speak with the dentist directly and ask any questions you may have regarding his practice and the standards his office employs.

Once you connect with us, we’ll assist you in getting a full X-ray of your mouth in your local area. If you already have this available to you, we’ll forward your documents to the clinic and confirm an initial phone meeting with the dentist office on your behalf.

Dentaltek has a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment including nitrous oxide for the safety and convenience of their customers. Rest assured you and your pearly whites will be well taken care of. The professionals at Dentaltek will be happy to give you all the information you need with regard to actual procedures and cost estimates, then we step in to assist you in bringing it all come together.

The cost of receiving highly qualified dental surgery is much less expensive in Monterrey, Mexico than in Canada and the US. Depending on the procedure the cost can be up to 80% less! Even factoring in our personalized services, you can guarantee great savings.

Grinsgo works in tandem with Dentaltek to provide the best possible experience the level of professional treatment and care you deserve.

Dentaltek will provide you with an estimate based on your x-rays to mitigate any surprises while in the chair.

Everyone responds to dental procedures and or surgery differently and that’s why we’re here to assist you in your recovery so you can continue enjoying your visit regardless of the healing process.

We want you to have full confidence in our service and allow Dentaltek to do what they do best. We don’t include their services on our website or speak to anything regarding specific procedures or pricing as we leave all that up to you and our qualified partners.

Dr. Jorge AlonsoGuerra Carrasco DDS is well respected in his field of Implants & Restorative Dentistry, having completed a Masters Degree in Oral Implantology. We are fully confident that he and his staff will take incredible care of you.

Interested? We’ll call Dentaltek on your behalf and arrange for them to contact you so you can get your trip planning started.

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