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The greater Monterrey area is home to just under 5 million people and is internationally recognized as being a modern hub of industrial activity as well as medical advancements.

The area is not a typical tourist zone known for its beaches and all-inclusive buffets, but instead is known for its fantastic food scene and its wide variety of museums and cultural experiences. Monterrey has all the conveniences of home with the exotic flare that only a large Latin American city can offer. You’ll get the feel of an alluring distant escape far from home but in reality you’re only a short 2 hour car ride from Laredo, Texas.

As of August 28th, 2019 the Canadian Government is not warning against travel to the city of Monterrey. As with any urban destination, a normal level of caution is recommended. The area we focus our tours on, and where the dentist has his office, are very pleasant low crime areas.

Monterrey offers a wide selection of shopping from discount to high end with stores to please any taste and budget. There is so much to explore in this historic city which was founded in 1596. While we know the focus will be your new smile, we’re sure we can help you put it to good use while visiting Monterrey.

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