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What does Grinsgo provide?

Grinsgo is a unique travel service that fulfills all the additional needs you have when going on a trip to receive dental treatment, or other medical services. We take care of all the backend details so you can focus on your dental procedure and enjoying your trip to Monterrey.

We are not an overseas dental vacation package company that tries to combine margaritas, buffets, beaches and surgery. We suggest that for a beach vacation you wait until you can really show off that new smile. We are not paid by any dental clinic, nor do we pay anyone else for dental or trip referrals.

How are you different from other dental vacation companies I've seen online?

We are a completely unique concept when it comes to travel service. We are there with you throughout your trip, transiting you to and from the dental office for the dental procedure(s). We transport you and assist with all the small details so your experience is as stress free as possible. We know that travelling to receive medical treatment is something most of us have not done before so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

What exactly am I paying for?

Your personalized package includes airfare, transportation from the airport, transportation to the dental office, 1 dinner at a 4 star restaurant, accommodation at either the new Radisson San Jeronimo hotel, or the nearby Four Points hotel for 5 to 7 nights. We also include an afternoon of shopping and several local tours to choose from. We are quite flexible as we know many of our customers are patients too. Sometimes an accompanying spouse or a friend may choose to take just our package, or get minor work done at the dental office. A travel partner will enable you to both receive an additional person discount as long as you are sharing accommodation. We create packages that best suit your specific needs. We are there with you to provide peace of mind for you on your trip.

Is it safe to seek dental surgery outside of the country?

Dentists in Mexico are schooled in and receive the same training as dentists in the US and Canada. The dental office we conduit with hygiene standards are extremely high and we only use the best oral surgeons in Mexico.

Why Monterrey Mexico?

Monterrey is highly regarded as a hub for both medical research and medical procedures, and has a metropolitan population of almost 5 million. Dentistry is no exception. You may have seen ads for dentists in border towns, or near the beach resorts but we believe Monterrey is the best option for the dental traveller as it is highly regarded as having the best dental surgeons in the country. While price is a very important factor (you can save thousands of dollars over back home)we know competence is your number one interest.

You may also be surprised to hear that the area also has a booming economy,  and is one of the most developed cities in Latin America. It’s the 3rd largest city in Mexico and only 2 hours from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Think of it as no different than if you were travelling to Houston or Montreal to get the same work done. We will show you an amazing city while you can focus on the primary reason you came.

You can skip the drive to a dusty western Mexican border town, or avoid the risk of trying to party on the beach while undergoing a serious procedure. Instead let us join you on your journey to Monterrey for your surgery.

What are my payment options?

At this time we accept PayPal. Any payments to the dentist are between you and the dental clinic.

What kind of places do you take your tours?

We dine at well known landmarks such as the La Nacional restaurant. If a group requires something more specific like Vegetarian or Vegan options, we can arrange that too. Goat is a local specialty so if you’re the adventurous foodie type, there are plenty of unique dining options to choose from.

We have many fantastic tour options in Monterrey such as the Santa Lucia Riverwalk, along with an amazing museum of contemporary art.

If you prefer history there is the Mexican history museum, or even the steel museum at Fundidora Park. There are many local shops such as the pedestrian shopping mall on Morelos, or a more traditional enclosed mall like the upscale Galerias near the hotels.

We include one sightseeing tour and one shopping trip in your package. If you are able to be more adventurous we can help with that too!

What are your age restrictions?

You must be 18 years of age or older. You must also be in good enough health to undergo dental surgery, and well enough to travel. If you are unsure about these important health issues it is your responsibility to contact your health provider to ensure you are able to attend.

What kind of insurance/documentation/paperwork do I need?

We can assist you with understanding what you will need. For Canadian or American citizens normally a passport is the only document needed to cross the border. It’s your responsibility to attain all documents and have the ability to enter Mexico, or in some cases the US as well.

In order to attend we must receive confirmation from you that you have provided your own travel health insurance as we are not responsible for any medical treatment you may require. If you need help with finding travel health insurance we can assist with that as well.

How long are your trips?

Most trips are 5 to 7 days. The dentist will inform you before you go how long you will need to recover. Typically most patients take 3 to 5 days recovering before flying home. As the majority of our clients are undergoing dental implant surgery we suggest taking the time to recover properly before returning home.

What airport(s) do you fly out of?

We can fly you out of where you live. We work to get you the best connections and price for your ticket. For example if you are from Alberta, Canada you might fly out of Calgary, or Edmonton, and connect in Dallas, or Houston. If you are in Metro Detroit you could fly direct out of Metro Airport. While most of our clients arrive from the Northern US states, or Canada, you could still conceivably be flying out of any airport in the world.

What dental services may I choose from?

You will have many options to choose from. The majority of our clients get dental implants but you’re not limited to just that. This will be between you and the dental provider. Our choice provider is our trusted, fluent in English, partner Dentaltek. Our service provides you with all the other details of your trip. While we work closely with the dental office, they are solely responsible for the dental portion, and we are solely responsible for the trip and all the trimmings.

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